Dedicated Team

We have an amazing team of certified & trained teachers who are dedicated to improving the lives of our students.


Alie Eiseman

Alie Eiseman is a programmer, engineer, teacher, juggler, gardener, artist and bike rider who is passionate about grassroots programs. Her personal projects include digitizing a simple math game, and researching computer generated art. She’s passionate about molding young minds and building new things. She does IT help for boh brothers construction and some contract web development work. She’s had two years of experience doing front end development with IBM and is happy when people come to her with questions. More information at aliecat.org


Charles Barnes

Charlie is a program coordinator and community organizer with a decade of experience in the New Orleans nonprofit community, specializing in afterschool programming and youth mentorship. He co-founded founded and grew the NOLA_CODE program for two years before transitioning into his current role on the Board of Directors. He received his Master’s of Public Administration from Syracuse University.


Élan Jones

Élan has been involved in all aspects of running NOLA_CODE, from securing funding to teaching classes and leading workshops. Ms. Jones is passionate about NOLA_CODE’s mission goals, as they align perfectly with her own efforts in community organizing. Through outreach, she has helped NOLA_CODE to team up with schools and organizations across the New Orleans area. In her free time, Élan likes to practice aerial hoop and fabrics.


Julen Cosme

Julen was born in Guam, raised in San Diego County, and has lived in New Orleans for the last ten years. Prior to moving to Louisiana, she studied holistic medicine and herbal sciences in California. She earned her B.A. in Social Sciences, with an emphasis in Anthropology, at Tulane University. She cherishes her past occupations, which include helping seniors improve their computer skills, teaching English in Honduras. She currently spends her time developing in python and exploring data science. She also enjoys singing, dancing and painting. Julen will be co-teaching NOLA_CODE’s March Web Design series.


Nick Simoneaux

Nick Simoneaux is an artist and educator, who loves enabling others to achieve new levels of success. When not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle, and their cats Booger and Bonzo.


Christopher McKee

Topher has been teaching computer programming for 3 years, ranging from 5th to 12th grade. He has taught Scratch, HTML/CSS, Ruby, and JavaScript, and enjoys spending his time teaching Python. I spent the summer of 2018 working for Kode With Klossy, a girls-only coding camp. I’m currently teaching at NOMMA on the West Bank, where his students are focusing on web design. Topher will be co-teaching NOLA_CODE’s March Web Design series.

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